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Bell 2606E for SER


Stevens Equipment Rental purchased their first Bell Equipment Wheeled Loading Shovel shortly after the Bell shovels were introduced to the UK market in 2008. Since then, we have continued to grow our fleet of Bell Shovels with the 2606E model proving particularly impressive and being well received by customers.

The Bell shovels boast the highest basic specification in their category coming with a weighloader, Quadcool system (including reverse fan), reverse radar and chevrons all included as standard. A coded ignition system also means that there is no chance of keys going missing – something that can prove a problem to rental companies!

This most recent purchase is pictured joining the fleet in February 2014 and has gone to work fitted with a Viby high tip bucket to load coal into trains. We look forward to continuing our good working relationship with Bell Equipment and receiving the excellent after sales support they provide.

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