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Something a little different…..


A recent enquiry saw SER come up with a unique solution for a new customer.


The job in hand was to unload a number of large trees that were being imported from Holland and delivered to a site in Suffolk by lorry. The trees weighed up to 8 tonnes and they needed to be taken off the lorry, transported across the land and planted in the grounds of a country estate.


Having ruled out using a telehandler and struggling to find a suitable solution, SER suggested supplying a wheeled loading shovel together with a special hook attachment. A Liebherr L556 was sent to site and as the photos show, the machine was ideal for the job.


The customer was overjoyed with the way the job worked out and later emailed saying ‘Job completed and machine performed perfectly for our purposes – I’ll know where to come next time we plant these massive trees.’


It was a novel task for the SER team to undertake and it certainly got the brain cells pumping! In the end, all worked out well and the customer was more than happy with his experience.

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